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How has your experience been in the GREAT Teachers grant?

"I really love meeting like-minded people who are all excited to learn more about what it is to be a community of teachers."

— Undergraduate Student, Fall 2023 Cohort

What is your favorite part about the GREAT Teachers grant?

"Connecting with other educators in my affinity group during the grant PD sessions has been a wonderful experience. All of the Chico State staff members and group mentors involved with the program have been incredibly supportive and available for guidance whenever I have needed it. These new connections I’ve made have been a great support to me as I am currently teaching full-time and also carrying a full load of graduate-level classes. I can’t even imagine attempting to juggle it all without the support of my colleagues and advisors in this grant program."

— Graduate Student, Fall 2023 Cohort

How is the GREAT Teachers grant upholding an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment?

"The mentors and instructors who run the program at Chico State are great at modeling and supporting an inclusive environment. The grant is helping to teach and give examples while allowing the opportunity to partake in exercises/activities that can be used to promote diversity and inclusivity."

— Credential Student, Fall 2023 Cohort