Accessibility Resource Center

Note Taker

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) uses student volunteers to take notes for eligible ARC students.

Please note: This accommodation must be approved by an Accessibility Advisor and will depend on the symptoms and severity of the student's disability.

Request Process

  1. Students must submit a new request for each class every semester using ARC Go!
  2. Once a note taker request is submitted, an anonymous and confidential email is automatically sent to all students in each class and to each instructor. This email is a notification that a student in this class is seeking a note taker. Students are directed to a link if they are interested in providing the service. Emails sent to classmates do not contain identifying information about the requestor. The only time the requestor’s name is disclosed is at the time a note taker is selected and the requestor responds to the note taker’s email or contact information.
  3. Students will receive an email with contact information for each student interested in being a note taker. Students can choose which note taker and notify them via the "Response to Note taker" link in ARC Go!
  4. Students should contact their Accessibility Advisor as soon as possible if they do not receive a volunteer note taker.


  • Note takers are not authorized to provide tutoring, instructional support, research, or editing.
  • Students will not be provided notes for days they are not in class unless specifically approved by their Accessibility Advisor.
  • It is the student's responsibility to notify ARC immediately regarding schedule changes.
  • Students should contact their Accessibility Advisor as soon as possible if they experience any difficulties or issues with their note taker.
  • Students will have the opportunity to evaluate their note taker at the end of each semester.