Accessibility Resource Center

Temporary Disabilities

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) provides services to students with disabilities based on the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Although ADAAA guidelines and California state law may not require that campuses provide accommodations to students with temporary disabilities, Chico State has opted to provide accommodations and support to temporarily disabled or injured students.

A temporary disability is defined as a transitory impairment with an actual or expected duration of six months or less. Some examples of temporary disabilities include broken extremities, hand injuries, torn ligaments, post-surgical recoveries, etc. Temporary disabilities do not generally qualify as a disability under the ADAAA; however, the severity and duration of the condition will be taken into consideration.

Please note: Temporary accommodations must be approved by an Accessibility Advisor and appropriate accommodations will depend on the symptoms and severity of the student's temporary disability or injury.

Request Process

  1. Students with a temporary disability or injury must register for services with ARC by submitting an online application. See How to Register with ARC(opens in new window) for complete steps and requirements.
  2. Students must provide documentation from a medical provider that verifies the temporary disability or injury. Documentation must include the disability or injury, how it affects the student, and must include an estimated end date that accommodations may be required.
  3. Depending on the accommodations provided, students will customize their accommodations using ARC Go! and will notify instructors that they are registered with ARC for temporary services.


  • Accommodations and services will expire upon the end date specified in the medical documentation. 
  • If an extension of accommodations is needed beyond the expiration, the student must provide updated documentation with a revised estimated end date for services.