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WellCat Health Center

Mission & Vision

The mission of WellCat Health Service is to assist each student with their diverse healthcare needs in order to facilitate maximum academic and personal growth.

In carrying out the Mission and Goals of Student Health Services, we share the values of the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs as follows:

  1. Diversity: Student Health Services believes that each person is unique and values the individual differences within the campus community.

  2. Excellence: Student Health Services commits to continually provide quality and cost effective healthcare to students.

  3. Growth: Student Health Services promotes continuous advancement and improvement to its professional staff, healthcare services and health facility, within the guidelines of the university system, to meet the changing needs of the students.

  4. Integrity: Student Health Services maintains its accountability to the university and the students through civility, respect, and honesty.

  5. Leadership: Student Health Services encourages leadership and peer education opportunities to students through mentoring and nurturing.

  6. Service: Student Health Services provides quality healthcare that is respectful, responsive, and accessible.