WellCat Health Center

Online Services

Access Convenient Online Services via the Patient Portal


Complete necessary forms with ease:

  1. Log into the Health Center Portal using your student username & password.
  2. Click “Forms” on the left menu.
  3. Complete all forms and click "submit" after each one.

Family PACT Appointments

Schedule Family PACT appointments online for added convenience.


Complete online questionnaires as requested by WellCat Health Center staff. Your responses are strictly confidential and become part of your medical record. Available 24/7.

Secure Messaging

Send secure messages to your provider at any time. If your preferred clinician is not available, please call 530-898-5241. Available 24/7.

Prescription Renewal

Request prescription refills online if you have refills on file at the WellCat Health Center Pharmacy. Available 24/7.

Immunization Record

Access your immunization records conveniently.

Account Summary

View your Student Health Services balance online.

Online Web Booking

Self-schedule appointments for the following symptoms:

  • Cough, congestion, fever, body aches, sore throat
  • Ear or eye issue/pain
  • New rash/skin issues

Experience seamless access to essential healthcare services through our intuitive Patient Portal.