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WellCat Health Center Pharmacy

The WellCat Health Center (WCHC) Pharmacy is available to all registered students. We specialize in college health and carry a limited formulary of prescription medications as well as some over-the-counter products. The fees are set to recover costs, and are most often considerably less than those in the local community.

The WCHC Pharmacy is licensed by the California Board of Pharmacy and is operated by registered pharmacists. Prescriptions written by both WCHC clinicians and outside clinicians can be filled. Our services include pharmacist assistance, prescription drug information, screening for drug interactions, incompatibilities, and therapeutic duplications.

All questions directed to the pharmacist, as well as all prescription records, are confidential. Questions regarding any drugs or medications are welcome and will be answered honestly and to the best of the pharmacist's knowledge and ability. Students may take prescriptions written by WCHC clinicians to outside pharmacies for filling if desired.

Morning After Pill

Uh oh.... Need the morning after pill? The morning after pill is available at NO COST with your Family PACT card, or $12.00 plus applicable tax at our Pharmacy. The WellCat Health Center Pharmacy carries both Plan B(opens in new window) and Ella(opens in new window). As Plan B is less effective if you weigh over 165 pounds, it is your responsibility to tell the pharmacy if you weigh over 165 pounds so that you can receive Ella.

To Fill A Prescription

If there are refills available on the prescription, you can choose from 3 options:
1. Call the WCHC Pharmacy at 530-898-6068 and leave a message to request the refill.
2. Request a refill on our website and e-mail will be sent to the pharmacy.
3 . You are welcome to come directly to the pharmacy and request a refill. Make sure you bring your student ID and /or prescription bottle with you.

If there are no refills left on the prescription, call 530-898-6068. The pharmacy will request a refill from your provider. Please allow 24 business hours for the medication to be ready.

WCHC pharmacy allows faxes for non-controlled medication that is on our medication formulary.

To Transfer a Prescription Previously Filled in Another Pharmacy to the SHC Pharmacy

  • If there are refills remaining at the other pharmacy, call 530-898-6068 or come to the WCHC Pharmacy with your prescription label. If our pharmacy has a medication in stock, we will call the other pharmacy for the transfer. Please allow 24 hours for this transaction.
  • If there are no refills left on the prescription, call the prescribing clinician and request they call the refill to the WCHC Pharmacy at 530-898-6068 or get a new prescription from the doctor. The pharmacy does not accept any faxed orders.

Forms of Payment

Purchases will be charged against your Student Center account, and payable through your Student Center Portal.

More Information

Prescription medication may be purchased at the WellCat Health Center Pharmacy, which is licensed by the State of California and adheres to all applicable State codes and regulations. Prescriptions from outside physicians can be filled if the medication is stocked by the Pharmacy. Some non-prescription over-the-counter medications are also available. The cost of items purchased at the Pharmacy is at a reduced rate. Students who purchase a supplemental health insurance or have private insurance may submit prescription receipts for reimbursement consideration.

Contact the WellCat Health Center health education intern for a STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) presentation and condom distribution.

The WellCat Health Center Pharmacy is located on the first floor of the Student Health Center on Warner Avenue.  The Pharmacy is at the north end of the building (closest to the parking lot).

For medication refills, pricing information, and questions regarding medication or the pharmacy, please call 530-898-6068.

Updated 04/08/2020