WellCat Health Center


About the WellCat Health Center Lab

  • Certified Excellence: The WellCat Health Center Laboratory is a high-complexity laboratory certified by state and federal accrediting agencies. Honored with the "Laboratory Excellence Award" by COLA, a national accrediting agency, our lab consistently meets stringent criteria for excellence.

  • Cost Coverage: While many tests are offered at no charge, some tests may incur costs, which are the student's responsibility. We don't directly bill insurance but can provide receipts for personal insurance claims.

  • Outside Physicians' Orders: We accept lab orders from outside physicians Monday through Wednesday. Students must present a written lab request from their physician and register at the main windows of the WCHC building before visiting the lab.

  • Fasting Requirements: Some tests require fasting (no food or liquid except water for 10-12 hours). If unsure, students can call the laboratory or their provider for clarification.

  • Common Tests: Our lab performs various tests, including urine tests (including pregnancy and urinary tract infection), blood tests (for anemia, chemistry, thyroid panels), bacteriology cultures, and STD testing (including HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis). Self-directed STD testing is also available through the student portal.

  • Student ID Requirement: It's now mandatory to present your student ID card for all laboratory testing.