Accessibility Resource Center

Reader Services

Reader Services are provided through Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) to students who have a documented disability that indicates a need for this service. Students may require the assistance of a face-to-face Reader for exams, in-class reading assignments, or other situations where the production of alternative text is not feasible.

Please note: This accommodation must be approved by an Accessibility Advisor and will depend on the symptoms and severity of the student's disability. 

Request Process

  1. Students must submit a new request for each class every semester via ARC Go!
  2. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to service need.
  3. If Reader Services are required for an exam, students must indicate this when submitting their exam requests through ARC Go!
  4. Students must notify ARC immediately of any course schedule changes.


  • It is recommended that students who require texts converted to alternative format contact the Accessible Technology Services (TEIN). See Alternate Media(opens in new window) for additional information.
  • Electronic reading systems are available for students with disabilities in the Meriam Library ATC Computer Lab. Students must work with their Accessibility Advisor to request access to the ATC Lab.
  • Technical support is available through ARC and OATS.