Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Accepting or Declining Your Aid

After you are notified by email that you have a CSU, Chico estimated award offer, access your Student Center financial aid account and accept or decline each financial aid award item. If you do not accept any aid, your student account will not show pending aid and you will be responsible for paying all your fees. Funds will not disburse unless aid is accepted. If aid is not accepted within 45 days of offer, your award may be canceled.

Use your Student Center to:

  • View your financial aid award
  • Accept or decline your scholarship award
  • Accept your grants, which are funds you do not have to pay back
  • Accept, reduce, or decline your Federal Work-Study award
  • Accept, reduce, or decline your loan awards
  • Enroll in Direct Deposit
  • View your student budget which includes cost of attendance, expected family contribution and unmet need

Please note the following:

Your financial aid estimated offer will be based on full-time enrollment, even if you indicated on your FAFSA that you plan to enroll in fewer units. Your financial aid award may be adjusted at University Census if you are enrolled in fewer than full-time units.

Cal Grant awards will remain estimates until we receive notification from the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) confirming your eligibility.

Your estimated financial aid offer will include a Federal Direct Stafford Loan offer if you have eligibility. This loan is being offered to you to assist with meeting your educational expenses. Access your Student Center to view your financial aid award and accept, reduce, or decline this loan amount. You may not have been offered your maximum loan eligibility. Check the annual loan limits. If you reduced or declined your loans, or have additional loan eligibility for the academic year, you may request additional loan(s) by submitting a Federal Direct Stafford Loan Application.