Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Visitor Enrollment

Continuing students at Chico State may attend another CSU campus for a predetermined period of time by submitting an application for intrasystem visitor enrollment to the Student Records Office (SRO). This period is usually one semester or one quarter. Fees are paid to the host school; however, financial aid is provided by the home school, which is Chico State.

It is the responsibility of the student participating in visitor enrollment to read and follow all instructions included in the application. To protect your continuing status at Chico State, students participating in a visitor program must also complete a planned educational leave (PEL) form and submit it with the application for intrasystem visitor enrollment (available at the Student Records and Registration Office.)

Determination of financial aid eligibility

Determination of your financial aid eligibility is made through Chico State.

  • Complete any verification required through your Financial Aid Account.
  • If you are receiving any external (private) scholarships, they should be sent to us to be coordinated with your other aid.
  • If you are receiving other forms of educational assistance such as fee waivers, stipends, AmeriCorps grants, and third-party payments, they should be sent to Chico State. When payment is received by the University, they will be coordinated with your financial aid award.

How to receive your financial aid

Enrollment status is verified by the host school, and the Chico State Student Records & Registration Office will send a copy to our office. As an approved visitor at another CSU, you will receive your financial aid from Chico State. Enroll in e-Refund through the Financials section of your Student Center. It is your responsibility to use your financial aid to pay the tuition fees at your host school. Financial aid is based on 12 units for undergraduates and 8 units for grad students. Contact your host school to have your fees deferred prior to fee payment deadline. If you do not receive sufficient financial aid to pay fees at your host school, you are responsible for paying the difference to them. 

If you change your mind

If you decide you do not want to go on visitor status, follow the instructions on the visitor application to contact the Chico State Student Records & Registration Office so they can cancel your visitor application and PEL. If you decide to register for classes at Chico State, immediately notify our office so that we can correct your file and help you receive the financial aid for which you are eligible in a timely fashion.