Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Policies & Conditions

  • Information Disclosure
    Federal law protects the confidentiality of your financial aid file. You may grant the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office permission to release information about your financial aid to a third party (including parents, step-parents, spouse, etc.) by submitting an Authorization to Release, located under Student Records in your Student Center. 

  • Rights and Responsibilities
    Federal regulations require that you have the right to know certain information as a financial aid recipient. We are also required to inform you of your responsibilities in applying for and accepting aid.

  • Verification
    The federal government randomly selects for verification about one in three FAFSAs each year. If your FAFSA is selected, you will be able to read that on your Student Aid report (SAR). You will also be notified by email from us to provide copies of yours and/or your parents federal tax forms and other documents as necessary.

  • Withdrawal, Refunds, and Repayment
    Because we administer federal funds, we must have a written policy regarding financial aid recipients who withdraw or otherwise fail to complete the term for which they received financial aid.

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
    Federal regulations require Chico State to establish, publish, and apply satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards for student financial aid recipients.

  • Coordination of Resources
    Federal financial aid programs, other federal, and non-federal programs must be monitored in conjunction with all available information on student resources to avoid financial aid overawards.