Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Concurrent Enrollment

Continuing students at Chico State may attend another CSU campus for one semester by submitting an application for intrasystem concurrent enrollment to the Student Records & Registration Office.

To include these units for award eligibility, Chico State financial aid students must be approved for the concurrent enrollment program with the other CSU and verify their enrollment at the concurrent institution. Our office will receive a copy of the intrasystem concurrent enrollment form after it is approved. Under this arrangement, a student must enroll in at least one unit of eligible coursework at Chico State, verifiable by university census.

Chico State financial aid students participating in intrasystem concurrent enrollment receive their financial aid from Chico State, which is considered their home campus. Non-resident students are required to pay non-resident tuition fees at the host campus for units enrolled. It is the responsibility of the student participating in concurrent enrollment to read and follow all instructions included in the Visitor Application available under Forms on the Student Records & Registration Office website.

Chico State students who are enrolled in 6 units at Chico (home campus) and 3 or more units at a host campus will be required to pay full-time fees at Chico.