Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Coordination of Resources

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is responsible for coordinating student resources for the campus. Federal and state regulations require the coordination of all financial aid awards with all resources, including external (private) scholarships and grants, fellowships, fee waivers, including the Cal-Vet fee waiver, stipends, and vocational rehabilitation and other educational benefits. All Title IV programs (federally-funded financial aid), other federal, and non–federal programs must be monitored in conjunction with all available information on student resources to avoid financial aid overawards. An overaward occurs when the total of a student's financial aid and certain resources exceeds the cost of attendance, or annual budget.

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office has established procedures for need analysis, award review, verification, disbursements, and overaward monitoring which ensure compliance with the award and student resource coordination requirements. We do all we can to prevent overawards because they can result in a student having to repay aid for which they are ineligible.

If you have any questions about coordination of outside resources with your financial aid, please call us at 530-898-6451, write to, or stop by our office in Student Services Center 250.