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Items We May Request From You


We request documents as required by Federal Student Aid accountability processes. Please follow these guidelines in submitting requested information:

  1. IMPORTANT:  Before submitting all documents, print your name and Chico I.D. on top of each requested item.

  2. Please submit only copies and keep originals for your records. Only exception: U.S. naturalization papers*.
  3. Do  not send documents by e-mail, as e-mail is  not a secure means of communication.
  4. Items submitted  by fax should automatically update your Student Center "To Do List" from "requested" to "received"  within 72 hours.  If you have any questions after 72 hours, please call us.  Please  do not resend additional copies unless specifically asked to do so.
  5. Items submitted by mail or delivered to our office should update your Student Center “To Do List” from “requested” to “received”  within four weeks.  If you have any questions after four weeks, please contact our office.
  6. You must submit all requested items on your “To Do List” by June 1 in order to have your file complete before the first fall disbursement. A full explanation for all requests is available by clicking on "more" and then opening the link to each requested item.
  7. Check your Student Center on a weekly basis after your forms show as received.  If we need any additional information, it will show up on your “To Do List.”  Once the requested items have been reviewed and completed, they will be removed from your “To Do List”.   It takes approximately twelve weeks to complete your verification after all documents have been received.

Items We May Request

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