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Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Using Your Aid to Pay Charges

Registration fees

Financial aid recipients are required to pay the difference between all University charges (including registration and tuition fees, on-campus housing and meal plan) and pending financial aid. Payment is due by the Registration and Tuition Fee Payment Deadline:

July 29, 2020 for Fall Semester 2020
December 10, 2020 for Spring Semester 2021

If your pending financial aid for the semester is sufficient to cover your fees and charges, the balance due will automatically be deducted from your disbursement. All remaining aid, after charges and fees are deducted, will be disbursed to you via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or a check that is mailed to you. A "past-due" balance will show on your account after the fee payment deadline, even if you have sufficient financial aid to cover all fees, but you will not be dropped from any courses.

If your fees and charges are not paid by the Registration and Tuition Payment Deadline, you may be dropped from all enrolled courses, a late fee may be charged and other holds may be placed on your account.

On-Campus Housing Payments

If you will live in a residence hall, your outstanding University Housing charges will be deducted from your financial aid. Check your License Agreement for payment deadlines. Your University Charges will include amounts due according to your license fee schedule. If your financial aid is sufficient to cover these charges, it will be held for automatic payment to University Housing according to schedule. Financial aid recipients whose aid does not cover all charges must pay the difference by the posted dates. Students may check for outstanding charges by accessing the Finances section of their Student Center.

Other Sources of Aid

Explore the following possibilities for additional funding. Total aid may not exceed the Cost of Attendance. If you have further questions, please make an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor. Visit our office in Student Services Center 250, or call 530-898-6451 to schedule an appointment.