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Academic research plays a critical role in furthering our understanding of how business can have a positive impact on society. Business researchers discover new ways to organize human and capital resources and create new understandings of the lifecycle of business organizations. They find what makes entrepreneurial firms tick, and they make suggestions for companies to run efficiently. In this way, business research plays a critical role in ensuring that business is a force of societal good, allowing citizens the means to better themselves and their communities.

In the 2019–20 academic year, our faculty explored a wide range of scholarly topics, such as what makes a disaster tweet effective, how brands gain political association, how to use lean concepts to accelerate new product development, implications of California’s gig worker rule, how addictive social media impacts the workplace, and much more. Across the business disciplines, our faculty continue to influence the practice and regulation of business, as well as create new paths of research for other academics to follow.

This year has been challenging for all of us for many reasons. In spite of these challenges, the core task of an academic is to seek the truth, which does not waver or change with the times. I’m proud of our research-active faculty, who continue to uncover new truths and ways of knowing about business. I hope you’ll find these research summaries as interesting as I did. Thank you for your support and engagement with the Chico State College of Business.

Terence J. Lau, JD
Dean, College of Business
California State University, Chico



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