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Research Contributions 2018-19

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2018-19 Research Contributions

Message from the Dean


Academic research plays a critical role in furthering our understanding of how business impacts society. Business researchers discover new ways to organize human and capital resources and create new understandings of the lifecycle of business organizations. In this way, business research plays its own critical role in ensuring that businesses continue to be a force of societal good, allowing citizens the means to better themselves and their communities.

Our accrediting body, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), recently released its vision for business education. This vision centers around five pillars: business school as catalysts for innovation, hubs of lifelong learning, leaders on leadership, enablers of global prosperity, and co-creators of knowledge. That last pillar calls for business schools to answer society’s complex problems by generating new insights and understanding about how to effectively organize and motivate people, how to build sustainable organizations, and how to create value. To do that, AACSB says schools should create research that explores critical social issues and management problems, partner with academics in other disciplines and practitioners in the field, and become conveners and partners with industry in knowledge creation.

I’m pleased to tell you that in the 2018–19 academic year, the faculty at Chico State’s College of Business have delivered admirably on this vision. As you’ll see in this selection, the faculty are engaging in thoughtful and impactful research that pushes our understanding of business organizations and their impacts on society. Across all the business disciplines, our faculty are influencing the practice and regulation of business, as well as creating new paths of research for other academics to follow.

I know you’ll find the research write-ups in this publication as fascinating and interesting as I did. Thank you for your support of and engagement with the Chico State College of Business.


Terence J. Lau, JD
Dean, College of Business
California State University, Chico


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