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2017-18 Honors & Awards Ceremony

Student recipients of Cum Laude Honors Medallions are recognized for their accomplishments for the College of Business Honors & Awards Ceremony in PAC 134 on Friday, April 27, 2018 in Chico, Calif. (Jason Halley/University Photographer/CSU Chico)

Honorees and their families joined the College of Business Honors and Awards Ceremony to celebrate their meritorious academic accomplishments. Congratulations to our recipients who received these distinctive honors. We are proud to have you in our college as one of our outstanding and exemplary graduating seniors.

For photos from the event please click here. 

2017-18 Awardees

Award Honoree(s)
Outstanding Management Academic Achievement Award Jordan Menkes
Management Leadership Award Sonia Moss
Outstanding Project Mgmt Academic Achievement Award Samantha Swartz
Robert Place Outstanding Student Award Jordan Menkes
Management Professors Award Neacail Murdock
Outstanding Entrepreneurship Academic Achievement Award Samuel Brenden-Rohde
Entrepreneurship Leadership Award Jessica Megan Duch
Outstanding HR Mgmt Academic Achievement Award Caitlin Luke
Human Resource Management Leadership Award Gaby Montes
Outstanding Accounting Academic Achievement Award Timothy Goebel
Accounting Leadership Award Jerilyn Cassady
Outstanding BIS Academic Achievement Award Elizabeth Konecny
BIS Leadership Award Garrett Duarte
Fredrick A. & Corinne E. Schwartz MIS Merit Award (fall '17) Jarrod Beltramo
Fredrick A. & Corinne E. Schwartz MIS Merit Award (spring '18) Garrett Duarte
Outstanding Finance Academic Achievement Award Bryce Johnson
Finance Leadership Award Edoardo Bassi
Outstanding Marketing Academic Achievement Award Allison Miller
Marketing Leadership Award Max Dickstein
MBA Program Outstanding Academic Achievement Award Shaunak Thakur
MBA Professors Excellence Award Brian Jensen and Stephan Gorobets
COB Outstanding UGRAD Academic Achievement Award Allison Miller
Honors in General Education Jessica Duch, Ryan Ortiz, and Letitia Yund
Honors in the Major Brandon Aguilar, Bailey Jennings, and Jordan Menkes
College of Business Outstanding Student Leader Max Dickstein

Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Certificates:

Keith Anderson, Brandon Andrews, Daniel Lay, Haley Max, Shaunak Thakur, Jacob Turnbull, Kevin Utley, and Mallory Waltz


Cum Laude Honors:

Benjamin Evans, Bibi Jalal, Brayden Todd Cleland, Cyrus Samii, Darian LeRee Pruis, David Gross, Ethan Dilley, Francisco Langarica-Castellon Jr., Roxanne Hanna, Samuel Brenden-Rohde, Sonia Moss, Trevor Morton, Zoe Pelletier


Magna Cum Laude Honors: 

Allison Miller, Amanda Ponts, Brandon Aguilar, Caitlin Luke, Deanne Staton, Edoardo Bassi, Garrett Duarte, Kyle Chouinard, Kyle Weber, Michael Clarke, Miranda Pierson, Neacail Murdock, Nicole Carlson, Rachel Ward, Samantha Swartz, Tyler Smedley


Summa Cum Laude Honors: 

Bryce Johnson, Elizabeth Konecny, Jason Randall, Jenna Reinero, Jordan Menkes, Kimberlee Monroe, Ryan Ortiz, and Tinting Zheng