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The Chico State College of Business will be a leader in business education and scholarship that solves the unprecedented challenges of the 21st century.


Through innovative curricula that emphasize critical thinking and experiential learning, we prepare graduates to achieve early career success and contribute to the ethical stewardship of environmental, social, and economic resources. The College of Business is an engaged and collegial learning community that values practice-relevant, high faculty interaction teaching, and applied scholarship. Our College is student-centered, interdisciplinary, committed to continuous improvement, and tightly integrated with our business and community partners. We produce collaborative graduates valued for their practical orientation, critical insight, integrity, and adaptability.


We discover new ways of knowing about how business can impact society positively. We educate students one individual at a time, and the result is Company Worth Keeping.

The Chico Experience & the College of Business

“The Chico Experience” is our phrase that captures the amazingly friendly and close-knit community of CSU Chico. Chico State is located in a college town that is one of the most livable locations in California. The campus is renowned for its natural beauty, next to one of the largest urban parks in the country, and one of only a few residential campuses in the CSU system. The Chico Experience translates to our online students through an emphasis on community engagement and teamwork. It is within this uncompromising environment that the College of Business focuses on enabling these key opportunities for its students:

  1. Think Different! [We educate for excellence of inquiry.]Our graduates are trained as critical thinkers who ask difficult questions and act with moral courage.

  2. Relevance Matters. [We provide an innovative practice-focused curriculum.] Our faculty are known for being innovative and on the leading edge of business practice.

  3. Practice Makes Perfect. [We emphasize experiential learning.]Our students learn business by doing business.

  4. Skill Up for the Future. [We educate for adaptation and change]. As our graduates learn the newest disruptions in business, they also receive firm grounding on the enduring principles of business, permitting them to adjust and adapt to a rapidly changing global business environment.

  5. Make a Difference. [We care about our impact on society]. Our students will be part of the solution, actively working to solve society’s pressing problems. Outcomes for our students go beyond just the core curriculum and include ethical values, community impact, and personal development.

  6. Find YOUR Unique Path [We foster a supportive, student-centered environment]. We provide a range of support services, co-curricular activities, and educational opportunities to support diverse interests and help students develop a skillset that matches their own unique career aspirations.

Core Values  

The Chico State College of Business embraces several core values that guide our decision-making about people, curriculum, and research. Collectively, these values weave their way through our short-term and long-term priorities and aspirations, and into the fabric of our identity.

  1. Human-centered. [Caring, Kind and Team-Oriented]. We value interpersonal care that respects the whole person, but we also recognize that our greatest accomplishments happen when we come together as a team. We strive to be a great place to work, supporting ongoing professional development and fostering a culture where our students, staff, and faculty feel engaged and valued in their everyday interactions with each other.

  2. Inclusive. [Enhanced by Diversity and Inclusion]. We value diversity in all its forms and strive to create an environment that is inclusive and celebrates all individuals and perspectives.

  3. Truthful. [Grounded in Integrity].We value honest and clear communication and the vital role that ethics and integrity play in society.

  4. Enquiring. [Creating Knowledge through Discovery]. We ask questions, investigate and probe for solutions with the hope of leading our students, our community and ourselves towards an innovative and productive future.

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