College of Business


Socrates Partnership Program

The Socrates Partnership Program is a partnership model for companies to invest in the College of Business and receive exclusive access to faculty research and consultation, special events, classroom projects and more. There are three levels of partnership so that companies can find the right fit for their needs. 


There are many ways that Socrates Partners can engage with the College of Business. Here are a few highlights:

Our Mission 

There are untapped resources (intellectual, and physical) within the College of Business, and it is time to determine ways to give these resources to people who might have an interest. 

  • Create and deliver a Partnership Program that utilizes the assets and scale of the CSU, Chico College of Business (COB) to improve Corporation Key Performance Indicators and results. 
  • This program will generate new revenue for the College of Business and establish long-term, strategic relationships between the COB and Corporations. 

Within the college of business, there are 45 lecturers actively doing research, along with 32 Corporate Partners that could use this research to continue improving their corporations. Socrates finds a way to compile these two sectors, and creates a platform to both view existing and to request new research (market, trends, etc.) relevant to each company's needs. 

Become a Socrates Partner 

Would you like to partner with the College of Business and expand your network? Find out more about  Socrates Partner opportunities!