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Project Management

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Are you looking for help getting started with new projects? Our faculty and Project Management Group is ready to help! Fill out this form to get some assistance with managing your projects! 

Services Overview:

  • Integration Management
    We can assist you in initiating your project by completing project charters, project management plan, change requests, work performance reports, change logs
  • Scope Management
    We can help maintain your project's scope by completing a scope management plan, a scope statement, a work breakdown structure, a requirements management plan, and a requirements traceability matrix.
  • Time Management
    We can manage your project's timeline with the following documents to ensure that your project remains on track: a schedule management plan, an activity list, an activity resources, a resources breakdown structure, an activity duration estimate, a schedule network diagram, a project schedule, and a schedule data.
  • Cost Management
    We will also keep track of budgeting using: a cost management plan, an activity cost estimate, a basis of estimates, and a project funding requirement.
  • Quality Management
    To ensure that your project's quality is maintained, we will create a quality management plan, a process improvement plan, quality metrics, quality checklists, and quality control measurements.
  • Human Resource Management
    To help within your organization, we can create a human resource management plan, project staff assignments, resource calendars, and team performance assessments.
  • Communications Management
    So that your communication is seamless, we can create a communications plan, and project communications.
  • Risk Management
    To analyze the risk of your project, we can create a risk management plan and a risk register.
  • Procurement Management
    To state what you may need to obtain to complete the project, we will create a procurement management plan, a procurement statement of work, procurement documents, source selection criteria, make-or-buy decisions, and agreements.
  • Stakeholder Management
    To ensure success, we will create a stakeholder analysis, a stakeholder management plan, a stakeholder register, and an issue log.
We would love to assist you with managing your projects. Please fill out this form to get some assistance with managing your projects!