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The future of business will be determined by making data-driven decisions using business analytics and achieving global excellence through adaptive business processes, sustainable systems, and futuristic thinking.

The faculty, students, and partners engaged with the Center for Enterprise Systems and Informatics Research (CESIR) focus on researching, explaining, and predicting business performance by applying insightful analysis, analytical models, and powerful software. CESIR helps equip tomorrow's IT professionals with the unique blend of resources, skills, and abilities needed to confidently and competently tackle important business challenges. CESIR develops faculty and students to apply emerging and proven technologies to solve difficult and costly business problems.

Using best practices, state of the art software, and leading-edge methods and technologies, CESIR supports research designed to develop new ways to drive cost, time, and risk out of global business processes. CESIR and its partners teach and apply advanced technologies. These include cloud computing, big data, business analytics, and enterprise resource planning software supported by our partnership with SAP, the world leading enterprise systems provider. Our students will shape the business of tomorrow. 

CESIR Facilitates & Supports:

  • Industry networking often enabled by SAP and our other industry partners
  • Real-life problem solving and support
  • Cross-discipline collaborations for curriculum research and development
  • Development of strategic partnerships
  • Student participation in local, regional, and national competitions

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Business Analytics Research & Scholarly Activities

TitleAuthorsPublication OutletYear
Using a Heuristic-Systematic Model to assess the Twitter user profile’s impact on disaster tweet credibilityJaebong Son, Jintae Lee, Onook Oh, Hyung Koo Lee, Jiyoung WooInternational Journal of Information Management (IJIM)2020
Understanding the Uncertainty of Disaster Tweets and Its Effect on Retweeting: The Perspectives of Uncertainty Reduction Theory and Information EntropyJaebong Son, Jintae Lee, Larsen R. Kai, Jiyoung WooJournal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST)2020
When More is More and Less is More: Depth and Breadth of Product Reviews and Their Effects on Review HelpfulnessJaebong Son, Arash Negahban, Youngsu Lee, James Connolly, Dalen ChiangHawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)2020
Content Features of Tweets for Effective Communication during Disasters: A Media Synchronicity Theory PerspectiveJaebong Son, Hyoungkoo Lee, Sung Jin, and Jintae LeeInternational Journal of Information Management2019

Topic Diversity of Online Consumer Reviews and Its Effect on Review Helpfulness

Jaebong Son, Arash Negahban, and Dalen T. ChiangAmericas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)2019
Epistemology in the era of fake news: An exploration of information verification behaviors among social networking site usersRussell Torres, Natalie Gerhart, Arash NegahbanDATABASE for Advances in Information System Journal2018
Combating fake news: An investigation of information verification behaviors on social networking sitesRussell Torres, Natalie Gerhart, Arash NegahbanHawaii International Conference on System Sciences2018
Identifying trending sentiments in the 2016 US presidential election: A case study of twitter analyticsSri Hari Deep Kolagani, Arash Negahban, Christine WittIssues in Information Systems Journal2018
Quick-and-Wide Propagation of Disaster Tweets: Its Measurement and ImplicationsJaebong Son and Yongmoo SuhInternational Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)2018
Combating fake news: an investigation of individuals’ information verification behaviors on social networking sitesSri Hari Deep Kolagani, Arash Negahban, Christine WittAmericas Conference on Information Systems2017
Understanding the Antecedents of Fake News AwarenessArash Negahban, Natalie Gerhart, Russell TorresDecision Science Institute Annual Conference (DSI)2017
How Do Multiple Topics in Terse Tweets Affect Retweeting? Evidence from the 2013 Colorado FloodsJaebong Son, Hyungkoo Lee, Sung Jin, and Jiyoung WooAmericas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)2017
Analyzing Twitter Activity around US Presidential Primary Elections through Social Media AnalyticsSri Hari Deep Kolagani, Arash Negahban, Christine WittDecision Science Institute Annual Conference (DSI)2016

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