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Professional Consulting Program

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Students seeking an exciting career in professional consulting will gain invaluable support in attaining their career goals by complementing their major with a Professional Management Consulting Certificate. This 21-unit certificate is geared towards students looking to join reputable consulting agencies as an entry level analyst.

The certificate program is open to all university students from any discipline seeking knowledge and practical experience in professional consulting or wanting to significantly improve their management and leadership skills. The Professional Management Consulting Certificate and corresponding classes will also help students become highly skilled managers, executives, and leaders.

GPA Requirements

Students wishing to pursue the Certificate in Professional Management must meet the following GPA requirements:

  1. Cumulative: Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 for admission to the certificate program.
  2. Certificate Classes: Minimum 2.5 GPA must be earned for courses required for certificate, with at least a "C" earned in each course.

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Organizational Clients

Organizations seeking innovative solutions to challenges in today's workplace will benefit from hiring our student consultant groups. Our faculty will work with you to clearly define your project and advertise it to our student teams. The team you select will work under faculty supervision faculty to meet your needs and offer you creative, cutting-edge solutions at a reasonable cost. 

Corporate Partnerships

We offer corporate partners a great inside track for accessing some of our best future employees through classroom interactions and extra-curricular activities. 

More Info

For more information or to declare the Professional Management Consulting Certificate, please contact Business Advising at or 530-898-4480. 


Kelly Graves

Kelly Graves, Program Coordinator