College of Business

Themed Housing Community: Wild About Business

The Wild About Business themed community is a unique opportunity for first-year Business Administration majors to live together and take classes with one another. The goal of the program is to connect students within the Business major with each other as well as with staff and faculty in the College of Business to better foster a sense of belonging at CSU Chico.

Residents will have access to the knowledge and skills needed for successful performance in business environments and will enhance their learning through participation in department programs and activities.

Mission Statement  

The mission of the Business Living, Learning, Community is to create a learning-centered community that expands beyond classroom learning, including:  

  • Build connections between students majoring in Business with Business faculty and staff members.  
  • Create a sense of belonging within the College of Business, Chico State University, and the Chico community at large.  
  • Improve awareness and understanding of degree-requirements and policies. To include general University policies, but more specifically policies within the College of Business that effect time to degree.   
  • Increase awareness of academic and co-curricular program participation and engagement. To specifically include participation within the College of Business programs, such as student clubs and organizations.  
  • Increase first year retention and persistence towards graduation.  
  • Higher-levels of academic self-confidence and personal self-awareness.   
  • Increased diversity awareness and appreciation for collaboration with others different than ourselves.  
  • Expose students to career possibilities within the global business world.  
  • Increased exposure to the Career Center and increased use of their services earlier in the academic career.  
  • Instill the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for both immediate success upon graduation and long-term career achievement. 


Consistent with the values of the University and the College of Business, this learning community values  

  • Creating curricular and co-curricular programs that strive to prepare graduates for continued success in college and the workplace.  
  • Faculty, staff, and students positively engaged with the campus, community, people and organizations around the globe.   
  • Personal faculty-student interactions supported by learning spaces and an inspired sense of place that provides the “Chico Experience”. 
  • Diversity awareness and appreciation for collaboration with others different than ourselves.  
  • Academic engagement and community-building.  

 Due to Covid-19 and subsequent occupancy limitations, TLC programs will remain in abeyance for 2020-2021.  These communities will be available to students who share similar interests but formal programming and learning outcomes will not be established until Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.  

Apply for Themed Housing

If you want to be a part of our optional themed housing, follow these directions to give yourself the best chance of being placed in one of our amazing communities

  • Start your University Housing Application and proceed through all of our profile questions.
  • Upon completing your License Agreement you will be directed to a page inquiring about your interest in Themed Communities
  • Please ensure that you choose “Yes” from the drop down menu. This will direct you to our Themed Community Questions.
  • Upon reaching our Themed Community Questions page, please fill out the required questions and denote which community is the one you wish to join.
  • Upon completing your questions you will be moved to the next page titled Room Preferences. This is where you have the option of choosing your community and room type preference.
  • If you are wanting to live in a themed community, you must select the appropriate community that aligns with the theme.
    • Example: If you wish to live in the Wild About Business themed community, you must select Whitney Hall as your hall preference.
  • Proceed and fill out the rest of our application, pay our initial housing fee, and submit your application.