College of Business

Faculty and Staff

  Campus employee trainings. California state university, Chico. Silver 95% completed.

Our faculty are not only great instructors but also intellectually engaged in their disciplines producing a significant portfolio of intellectual contributions.

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Faculty Faces

The Dean's Office

Portrait of Catlin Wulferdingen
Catlin Wulferdingen
Portrait of Lisa Townzen
Lisa Townzen
Portrait of Lorin Husa
Lorin Husa

Business Student Advising and Services

Portrait of Jennifer Duggan
Jennifer Duggan
Portrait of William Harkness
William Harkness
Portrait of Christine Ponce
Christine Ponce
Portrait of Jill Rice
Jill Rice

Department of Accounting

Department of Business Information Systems

Department of Finance and Marketing

Portrait of Damon Aiken
Damon Aiken
Portrait of Youngsu Lee
Youngsu Lee
Portrait of Tom Villa
Tom Villa
Portrait of Laura Bass
Laura Bass
Portrait of Jaycob Arbogast
Jaycob Arbogast

Department of Management


Portrait of Gene Edinger
Gene Edinger
Portrait of Neelam Bahl
Neelam Bahl