College of Business

Student Managed Investment Fund

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The Chico State Student Managed Investment Fund is a real money investment portfolio run entirely by students. Our SMIF team conducts investment research using our state-of-the-art FinTech Lab in Glenn Hall. Students vote on stocks, bonds, and investment funds to buy and sell in our portfolio. 

To join the SMIF, contact Jaycob Arbogast at 

  • Portfolio Team

    Our Portfolio Team measures the performance of our investment portfolio as a whole. They conduct measures of risk and return from a historical perspective and a forward looking perspective to make sure we have investment returns that are competitive with the benchmark. 

    The portfolio team utilizes math and statistics to measure our expected performance and our actual performance and compares our returns to our benchmark. The software available in the FinTech Lab helps to measure this performance. 

  • Macro Research Team

    The Macro Research Team conducts macroeconomic analysis to determine the effects of the economy on our investment holdings. This might include interest rate changes, GDP or inflation and also includes actions taken by the central banks of major countries.

    Tools utilized by the Macro Team include economic calendars, Federal Reserve reports and other government repots. 

  • Equity Research Team

    The Equity Research Team conducts investment research to determine what stocks we should hold in our investment account. This team will create a report and pitch a stock to the entire Investment Fund with a recommendation to buy or sell the stock. Often this team will rely on research provided by the other teams.

    Typical tools used by the Equity Research Team include the Bloomberg Terminals, a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model, industry reports, fundamental analysis, and technical indicators. 

  • Algorithmic Trading Team
    Our Algorithmic Trading Team uses computer coding to create an automated investment system. Using computer programing tools like Visual Studio and Python our students are working on developing a tool that analyzes and chooses investments automatically.