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Program Options and Requirements

Students can enroll in our campus-based MBA program or the online MBA program(opens in new window). Both programs give students an opportunity to select from three program options to fit their interests. There is the general MBA option (GEN), the MBA with an option in Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), and the MBA with an option in Project Management (PRMG). Our campus-based EIS MBA option is a STEM designated degree, offering an OPT of up to three years for our EIS MBA graduates. For information about the options and coursework in the online MBA program(opens in new window).

Please review the MBA prerequisites if you have a bachelors degree in something other than business and/or are pursuing the EIS option in our program.

General MBA

MBA General

The General Option is a 30-unit MBA program that has flexibility and can be tailored to specific interests in the selection of the two elective courses.

Click here for a detailed MBA General Option Planning Sheet (PDF) for the campus MBA program.

For more information about the program requirements, including course descriptions, see the University Catalog.

Enterprise Information Systems (EIS)

Enterprise Information Systems

CSU, Chico is a recognized leader in EIS curriculum. The EIS option is designed to meet the growing job demands for professional consultants, business process analysts, IT infrastructure specialists, and SAP functional analysts. The EIS option curriculum is a pathway toward SAP TS410 certification. This certification is recommended for those who want to make a start in SAP. It is designed by SAP and gives the opportunity to learn, understand and implement the business process of SAP. It provides an overview of all of the business logic and behind the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that helps manage these processes and logistics. Read more for additional perspectives on the certification.

Preparation for the certificate is built into the EIS curriculum. BSIS 301, BSIS 620, and the EIS elective option BSIS 444 are great foundational courses. The TS410 certification leads to higher pay, prestige, and better job opportunities as it shows that the holder has gone above and beyond their education to achieve this additional certification. It is recognized as a certification achieved by only the top students at select Universities. The TS410 is offered once a year at CSU, Chico in the spring semester. It is an extensive and intensive study of SAP material delivered in a hybrid format, culminating with the exam. We often boast higher pass rates than the national average.

The MBA-EIS option has a STEM designation, so students are eligible for a three-year OPT experience after graduation. Click here for a detailed MBA EIS Option Planning Sheet  (PDF)for the campus MBA program.

For more information about the program requirements, including course descriptions, see the University Catalog.

Project Management (PRMG)

Project Management

Project management skills and knowledge are in high demand. Students who complete an appropriate series of courses within this emphasis are prepared to sit for the Project Management Institute’s (PMI)(opens in new window) CAPM or PMP certification exam. A great option for all students, but should be particularly attractive to engineering and construction management students. Both certifications appear on rankings for the top moneymaking or worthwhile certificates to invest time and money to earn.

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)(opens in new window) certificate distinguishes you among others in the job market. It enhances your credibility and effectiveness working on or with project teams. The CAPM is designed for those who have less project management experience than the PMP requires but who still can demonstrate an understanding of the project management fundamentals, focused primarily on the terminology and processes used to successfully manage a project.

The Project Management Professional (PMP)(opens in new window) certificate is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. The certification has global application, as you can find project managers in every country and every industry. It signals that you speak and understand the global language of project management. The certification also provides a significant advantage in salary and earning potential. On average, those with a PMP certification garner a 20% higher on average salary than those who do not. Employers also benefit, as those who are certified and lead projects tend to deliver more on time, on budget, and meeting the original goals of the organization.

Click here for a detailed MBA PRMG Option Planning Sheet (PDF) for the campus MBA program.

For more information about the program requirements, including course descriptions, see the University Catalog.

Other College of Business Certificates

Professional Consulting Program logoSeufferlein Sales Program Logo

The College of Business (COB) boasts additional certificates, minors, and involvement opportunities that can complement your MBA program experience.

One of our Programs of Distinction, the Professional Consulting Program is one opportunity to highlight to enhance your experience and coordinate alongside your MBA course requirements.

For students in the MBA program, two courses are required to earn the certificate- MGMT 488 Organizational Consulting and MGMT 489F Practicum in Management Consulting. For those pursuing the General Option, both consulting courses can be counted as the two COB required electives. For those pursuing the PRMG option, the certificate adds one course (MGMT 489F) since MGMT 488 should be chosen as the PRMG required elective. For additional information, please visit the Professional Consulting Program.

Another Program of Distinction, the Seufferlein Sales Program provides opportunities to earn a Professional Sales Certificate or Professional Leadership Certificate. Speak with the MBA Advisor to determine how these certificates can coordinate with your MBA program.