College of Business

Minors and Certificates

Business Minors

A minor is a program of courses in a designated subject area distinct from and outside a student's degree major. Minors require 18 to 30 units for completion. A grade point average of 2.0 or higher must be earned for courses in a minor. Completion of a minor is noted in a student’s degree transcript.

The College of Business offers the following minors:

Business Certificates

A certificate is a structured combination of courses that may be taken in addition to a degree program or as a stand-alone program. Students will be admitted to certificate programs only if they meet standards for admission. Certificates may be undergraduate (at least 21 units) or post-baccalaureate (at least 12 units). Successful completion of a certificate program is recognized with a “Certificate of Completion” by the University.

The College of Business offers the following certificates: