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2017-18 scholarship recipient Amelia Quinto

Chico State has a high return on investment for a college education. Financing your education is important and we’re eager to do all we can to help you with that. The College of Business offers many scholarships in all areas of study. For information on the process and timeline required for applying for scholarships and other forms of financial aid, please consult the campus Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.

2019-20 Business Scholarship Awardees

Accounting ScholarshipBrandon Wright
Bobby Dean Memorial ScholarshipDanika Suniga
BUS Academic & Performance Recruitment ScholarshipAlani Nguyen
BUS Academic & Performance Recruitment ScholarshipCharie Mae Tweet
BUS Academic & Performance Recruitment ScholarshipMatthew Richardson
BUS Academic & Performance Recruitment ScholarshipMax Daniels
BUS Academic & Performance Recruitment ScholarshipPearlie Harris
BUS Academic & Performance Recruitment ScholarshipBrandon Wright
Charles and Mary Nelsen ScholarshipPeter Thompson
Chevron Corporation Business Information Systems ScholarshipTyler Leger
Chevron Corporation Business Information Systems ScholarshipZachary Loper
Chris Prestopino Finance ScholarshipTyler Stoll
College of Business General ScholarshipHector Lopez
College of Business General ScholarshipJanely Amador
College of Business General ScholarshipLeilani Gigena
College of Business General ScholarshipAllison Glaum
College of Business General ScholarshipMadison Elledge
College of Business General ScholarshipZachary Loper
Dennis K. and Janice K. Young Business ScholarshipLucia Mercado
DPMA Sacramento ScholarshipNicolette Barbitta
Edward C. Gerhardt Business ScholarshipKody Thao
Edward C. Gerhardt Memorial ScholarshipRami Marai
Fred and June Lucchesi Memorial Accounting ScholarshipYang Yu
Gary Pleasant Memorial ScholarshipBrandon Wright
Harry L. Jefferson Accounting AwardLucia Mercado
J. M. Long Foundation Retail Business ScholarshipHaley Hicks
J. M. Long Foundation Retail Business ScholarshipKayli Baechler
J. M. Long Foundation Retail Business ScholarshipShiori Abe
John H. Ziegler Accounting Proficiency AwardYang Yu
Kcoe Isom ScholarshipKathia Rosales
Kcoe Isom ScholarshipSarah Williamson
Kyle Bartley Memorial ScholarshipMadison Elledge
Lee Clements ScholarshipKyle Mingham
Lois Winifred Stansell ScholarshipEmily Scott
Lt. Robert Merton Rawlins AwardRyan Brumfield
Lulu's Entrepreneurship ScholarshipAmam Nazar
Mary S. DiRenzo ScholarshipKendall Anderson
President's ScholarshipKatlyn Lakey
R. Scott Chalmers ScholarshipKyle Gillingwater
R. Scott Chalmers ScholarshipSophia Graves
Samuel L. and Laura J. Fogleman AMIS ScholarshipKara Bogue
Susan O. Morrow Business ScholarshipAllison Glaum
Tom Tognoli ScholarshipIsaac Shuman
William C. Webb Beta Alpha Psi ScholarshipKendall Anderson

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