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Business Tutoring Services

Temporary Virtual Services

Business tutoring and supplemental instruction will be available online for the Fall 2020 semester beginning September 1st. 

Fall 2020 Mode of Delivery

All COB classes will be online in various modes of delivery. Please visit the Fall 2020 Mode of Delivery page for explanations on the various modes of delivery.

Students work in the Business Student Success Center


Online Business Tutoring

Beginning September 1st, drop-in tutoring and supplemental instruction will be available online via Zoom. All Chico State students have Zoom accounts via your portal. The Accessing Zoom through Bb Learn (Students) document is a good resource if you are not familiar with Zoom video conferencing.

Shared google docs have also been created for all of the subjects with tutoring available where students can post questions for the tutor(s). Each google doc also has the tutor's contact information, Zoom schedule, and Zoom meeting ID. Links for each subject are available below.

Note: you must be signed in with your wildcat mail account (@mail.csuchico.edu) to access the google docs.

* Schedules and google docs will be posted here once finalized *


Supplemental Instruction for ACCT 201 & 202

Beginning September 1st, supplemental instruction (SI) for ACCT 201 & 202 will be delivered using Zoom. Below are links to the SI Leader’s schedules and contact information. 

* Schedules and google docs will be posted here once finalized *


Additional Tutoring & Support Services


Please remember, due to the rapid pace in which Universities were closed across the state, this is a new system of support delivery. There will likely be minor glitches throughout the initial implementation. We encourage you to please reach out to your tutor, business advising (businessadvisor@csuchico.edu), or the BSSC coordinator (wcharkness@csuchico.edu) if you experience difficulty accessing these virtual services. We are all learning this together and our top priority remains providing support to our students through unprecedented times. 


About Business Tutoring Services

Based on multiple grants and support from the campus Student Learning Center, student tutors are available in accounting; finance; supply chain management; management information systems; and business writing. Their schedules are posted on the bulletin board across from the Business Student Success Center in Glenn Hall 202, where all tutoring occurs. 

Tutors provide assistance outside the classroom at no cost to our students. Difficult subjects often require hands-on help, and tutors are ready to offer guidance by asking questions that improve students’ problem-solving skills. Tutors do not do homework for students; rather they help students understand difficult concepts, theories, or operations. Our collaboration with the campus Student Learning Center has provided professional training for our tutors and many insights on the entire tutoring process.

Our drop-in tutoring format means students do not have to make an appointment which makes it easy for students to seek tutoring help when they need it. Students can visit Glenn 202, the COB Learning Community page in Blackboard, or view multiple monitors in Glenn Hall to find tutors’ schedules. Students can then “drop in” for as little or as much help as they need.

The Business Student Success Center has a dozen tutors that have worked with hundreds of students. Students have reported that they loved the sense of connection with other students in their major, and the tutoring really helped. A great deal of informal networking and collaboration happens in the center. Last year we had comments from several instructors who noticed the difference in quiz scores and other assignments. Come by the Business Student Success Center and see if we can do anything to help you succeed – Glenn 202 is your source for success.