Study Abroad & Exchange

Why Study Abroad?

To Become More Culturally Competent:

  1. Learn how other cultures interact with one another.
  2. Experience new and delicious foods.
  3. Develop knowledge on different politics, religion, and history.
  4. Get to know outside perspectives on the US, learn about your country through the eyes of others.
  5. Gain independence and truly learn how to embrace the unknown!
  6. Use new forms of transportation, travel as the locals do!
  7. Participation in local sports or attend national sporting events.

To Explore the World:

  1. Travel around your new country and visit neighboring countries as well.
  2. Explore historic monuments that will take your breath away.
  3. Get lost, explore, and embrace new environments.

To Acquire or Develop a Foreign Language:

"Learning to adjust to another culture was an extremely important skill to learn. I'm happy I got that opportunity"

      - USAC Santiago, Chile Fall 2010 Alumni 

  1. Many countries available to students are non – English speaking, presenting the opportunity to learn a new language.
  2. Learn to ask for directions, shop in local venues and simply express your gratitude to locals in a foreign language.
  3. Many programs have options for homestays with local families or shared housing with other international students.
  4. Really advance your foreign language skills by taking courses in that language! 
  5. Participate in conversation hours with students native to where you are studying.