Study Abroad & Exchange

Getting Academic Credit

Students who study abroad must obtain signatures from their academic advisors on Course Substitution Forms prior to their departure.  This allows students to use the courses they take abroad to fulfill requirements at CSU, Chico for their major, minor, general education, and upper-division theme.

There are two ways in which courses taken abroad could fulfill graduation requirements at CSU, Chico:

1. They can be articulated as Chico State Courses. These are courses already pre-authorized by specific departments and converted to Chico State terminology (call numbers, titles, etc.).  These courses will eventually appear on your Chico transcript as if they had been taken in Chico. If articulation is an option for your program, you will find that form listed on this website.

2. They can be substituted for Chico State Courses This would apply to the courses that OIP/USAC has NOT converted to Chico State terminology (most programs).  Through the substitution process, the Chico transcript will simply list the foreign university's course title and number, rather than a Chico equivalent.  The Chico equivalents will be reflected only on student's Degree Progress Report and the Study Abroad Courses Substitution forms themselves.

Course Substitution E-Form(opens in new window)

Once you have selected your courses, please work with your major/minor advisor or General Education Pathway Coordinator to submit the selected courses via the Course Substitution E-Form(opens in new window).

Getting Courses Authorized From Abroad

Making changes to your schedule while overseas can be frustrating and very challenging. Every effort should be made to get as many courses authorized as possible BEFORE YOU GO, enabling you to easily make changes to your schedule while abroad.

If you are forced to make unexpected changes to your schedule while abroad, the only way to get the new courses authorized is to contact your adviser via e-mail and/or fax.

Chico State’s academic advisers are extremely busy the first two weeks of school and are not always able to quickly respond to your e-mails. You will need to be as patient as possible, and make sure to keep your e-mail short, sweet, to the point, and at all times respectful.

Working with your adviser from abroad:

  • Find your adviser’s (major, minor, upper division theme) and Grad Advisor's (general education) e-mail addresses. You will have recorded this in your Pre-Departure Orientation Binder, which you should have with you abroad.  If you don't have your binder, please consult the Chico website or contact the Study Abroad Office, requesting they look in your file.
  • Compose an e-mail to your adviser:
    • Explain what program you are on, where you are and who you are.  Be sure to include your student ID number.
    • Include a course description of the course you are planning to take and as much information on the course as possible (a syllabus is best).
    • Ask your adviser to respond to your e-mail with the following information:
      • "I approve the course ___________________ taken while studying abroad, to transfer back to Chico in the place of ___________" 
      • NOTE: They can either have it replace another course that is similar on the campus, or just say what area of the GE it will equal (Area B3…)
  • Also be sure to request that your adviser CC the Study Abroad Office with their response to you, who will ensure it gets to Records: