Study Abroad & Exchange

Seniors / Graduate Students

Are you graduating this year, but you still want to study abroad and explore your international opportunities?

Consider the following options:

1.  Postpone graduation.

Some students decide to add a year or a semester to their original academic plan in order to complete a minor or major abroad. Many students also opt to graduate “with units pending.” The students who select this option can declare a minor, change a minor to a major, or simply go for the experience and to boost their resume while being able to use financial aid.  It may even be possible to walk through graduation ceremonies in the spring before you study abroad, with “units pending” which are to be taken abroad in the fall. Beware “Super Seniors” — this option is not available to everyone!  Check with Academic Advising in the Student Services Center (SSC) 220 to ensure you are eligible to postpone graduation.  

2.  Apply for graduate school through CSU, Chico and study abroad as a graduate student.

For more information on our graduate programs, please visit the CSU, Chico website at: You may also wish to stop by the Graduate School Office in SSC 460 for more information.   You may complete some coursework abroad, and also conduct research for your thesis or culminating project.  

3.  Apply through a program that does not require current enrollment at CSU, Chico

For students that are no longer enrolled, there is a great Resource Library in the Study Abroad Office, where you can find additional research on these programs. 

In addition, many CSU, Chico graduates choose to study through the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC). Visit the USAC website at: for more information, or pick up a USAC brochure and catalogue in SSC 440.  

4.  Apply for a Fulbright Grant or Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship

These programs are highly competitive, however students with a 3.5 GPA or higher, who plan to go on for their master’s or doctorate degree should consider applying. Visit their websites at:  

5.  Join the Peace Corps

This is a wonderful way to volunteer internationally. Check out their website:  

6.  Work abroad as an intern (paid or unpaid)

International internships are a great way to explore the world while gaining valuable skills in the international global marketplace.  Check out the “Teaching English Abroad” and the “Internship and Experiential Education” bins in the International Education & Study Abroad Office on campus located in SSC 440.  Also, visit the CSU, Chico Career Center on campus in SSC 270.  Finally, don’t forget about the Internet… there is a world of opportunity out there!  

And when all else fails, consider traveling independently.