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General Education (GE) Credit Abroad

Take General Education (GE) Requirements Abroad:

  • Take up to 18 units toward your GE requirements.
  • Global Cultures (GC) credit is to be granted to any student who takes at least 3 units while studying abroad.
  • Writing (W) credit is granted to any student who completes a UD-C course (Arts and Humanities) and at least one other UD Pathway course, either B (Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning) or D (Social Sciences) while studying abroad.
  • 9 units of GE Areas completed abroad may be applied to the GE Minor in Global Studies.

Ask a Study Abroad & Exchange Advisor about how you can complete all three upper-division pathway requirements (typically during a summer or semester term).

For more information on General Education, visit the University Catalog(opens in new window).

Pre-Approved General Education (GE) Courses:

The GE course forms below do not require a Pathway Coordinator's signature, as they have been pre-approved for GE. However, for a GE Minor(opens in new window), course approvals are required by a Pathway Coordinator.

CSUIP Approved GE Course Forms

USAC Approved GE Course Forms

AIFS Approved GE Course Forms

Other GE Course Approvals:

If the GE course(s) I want to take is/are not pre-approved in the forms above, who can approve my GE courses for substitutions?

Connect with the Study Abroad & Exchange team (SSC 440) for more information.

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