Study Abroad & Exchange

Getting Academic Credit

To ensure that you receive academic credit for your non-affiliated study abroad program, be sure to use this checklist:

_____Request course descriptions from the program you wish to participate in.

_____Meet with the adviser(s) in your Major, Minor, an Evaluator and/or an Upper Division Theme Coordinator to review the course descriptions and choose appropriate classes to meet your CSU, Chico requirements.

_____Obtain signed letters from your adviser(s), Evaluator and/or Upper Division Theme Coordinator, outlining exactly how the classes you take abroad will transfer to CSU, Chico.  These letters should include exact course names and numbers from both the program you wish to attend, and the course equivalencies at CSU, Chico.

_____Give copies of these letters to the Study Abroad Office for your file.

_____Keep copies of the letters at your permanent residence in the U.S..

_____Take copies of the letters with you abroad.

_____Contact your adviser(s) and/or Upper Division Pathway Coordinator with you via E-mail to request any necessary changes upon your arrival in country. 

_____Keep copies of all correspondence for your records.

_____Keep copies of all syllabi, course descriptions and completed projects/papers.  These may be helpful upon your return to the U.S.

Please remember, all coursework completed abroad will be counted at CSU, Chico as transfer credit.  It is entirely up to your evaluator and academic advisers (GE, Major and Minor) to approve all courses taken abroad.