Study Abroad & Exchange

Getting Academic Credit

To ensure that you receive academic credit for your non-affiliated study abroad program, be sure to use this checklist:

  • Assure you do your research and ask the non-affiliated study abroad program you are planning on participating in the following:
    • Is the program/university accredited?
    • How are transcripts routed to Chico State? Through what institution? Is there a cost?
  • Request course descriptions (and syllabi) from the program you wish to participate in.
  • Meet with the appropriate advisor(s) and/or coordinator(s) to get courses approved for your major, minor, and/or general education requirements. For more information, refer to the Getting Academic Credit(opens in new window) page.
  • As courses are approved, keep a copy in your files and on your TREK account.
  • Keep copies of all syllabi, course descriptions, and completed projects/papers. These may be helpful upon your return to the U.S.
  • Upon your return to Chico, bring your sealed transcripts and letters of course equivalencies to Student Records & Registration(opens in new window) and meet with an Academic Records Specialist.
  • Meet with your academic and graduation advisors to ensure that everything is in order.

Please remember all coursework completed abroad from accredited institutions will be counted at Chico State as transfer credit. It is entirely up to your evaluators and academic advisors (GE, major, and minor) to approve all courses taken abroad.