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Important Direct Exchange (DE) Resources


All courses taken overseas through Direct Exchange will be reflected on a Chico State transcript as Credit/No Credit.  In order to receive credit for a course taken through the Direct Exchange program, a student must obtain a passing grade.  Per terms and agreements, in order to receive a passing grade, students studying through Direct Exchange must achieve a grade within the host institution that is equivalent to a "C" or better in the United States.  Failure to make an equivalent grade will result in receiving No Credit.

All students abroad will initially be given an "incomplete" at the end of their semester abroad. This incomplete will remain in place until your transcript from overseas has been posted to your Chico transcript by our Records office.


Please be aware that most transcripts will NOT BE POSTED FOR SEVERAL MONTHS after your return.

Refer all questions regarding transcripts to our office:

Please, DO NOT contact Records with a question regarding transcripts, as there is only one person who posts all International and National Exchange transcripts, and others who work in that office are not familiar with the process.

This will NOT be a problem for financial aid or spring registration. All holds should be postponed automatically. If you find that you have a hold on your FA pending transcripts from abroad, please contact Casey Dinsmore at Financial Aid:

If you plan to graduate soon and need your transcripts expedited, please e-mail the Study Abroad Office alerting us to your situation:

You should have already made arrangements with the Exchange Coordinator at the host university to either have your transcripts sent to our office, or to pick them up so you can hand-deliver them upon return to Chico. Make sure you keep them sealed if you plan to deliver them yourself! Once your transcript arrives, we immediately send it to Records, who then posts it a month or two later. Sometimes there is a backlog at Records and your transcript will be posted quite late. Please do not be alarmed if your transcript doesn't get posted immediately.

Extending Your Program

1. Visit the international student advisor(s) at the host university and inquire about whether or not it's possible to extend.

2. Contact the Study Abroad & Exchange Office at Chico State to ensure an extension is allowable.  In some cases it isn't possible to extend due to impaction, so the sooner you submit a request, the better. You can submit this inquiry to your Direct Exchange Advisor by emailing

3.Submit the Intent to Extend (PDF) and an updated Financial Planning (PDF) form to the Study Abroad & Exchange Office (only after completing the first two steps):

4. To ensure that you are able to complete courses during your second term abroad for your degree program at Chico State, please see the Getting Courses Authorized Abroad(opens in new window)* section of this site for more information.