Study Abroad & Exchange

Financial Planning

Did you know? The estimated cost of attendance for a full-time student at Chico State for the academic year is approximately $25,000? Many study abroad and study away programs cost the same as Chico State, enabling students to participate for the same cost as a semester or year spent at Chico State. In some cases, students will spend less than they would at Chico.

In addition to selecting a program that is a great fit for you academically, financial compatibility is also just as important. Program location and lifestyle will largely influence the cost of a study abroad or study away program. Plan early and make sure to have enough financial resources to take full advantage of living in a different country or state and the numerous travel possibilities available to you.

Tips & Resources

  • Create a budget:  Use this budget template, make a cost comparison between programs, speak with alumni to get their perspective, and, if possible, budget for more than you think is necessary in case of an emergency or tempting weekend excursion(s). Refer to a Study Abroad & Exchange Advisor, Peer Advisor and/or the Financial Wellness Clinic(opens in new window) for support. 

  • Identify scholarships and apply:  Check out the scholarship list (Google Sheet) to begin researching scholarships, eligibility and deadlines. This is money that you do not have to pay back. For scholarship writing support, make an appointment with the Writing Center, Career Center, a Study Abroad & Exchange Peer Advisor and/or keep an eye out for Study Abroad/Away scholarship workshops. Use the Scholarship Application Planning Form (PDF) to help organize your scholarship applications.

  • Be flexible with program location:  You may have a top location choice, but be open to a plan b or c that align better with your finances and academics.

  • Learn how study abroad can be funded:  Check out the Fund Your Study Abroad Experience (PDF) to learn about how study abroad can be financed, student support resources, and more. 

  • On a tight budget?  Begin your research with the  Study Abroad On The Cheap (PDF) guide, which lists the most affordable study abroad options available to Chico State students. Also, your Study Abroad & Exchange Advisor can guide you in the right direction.

  • Understand how study abroad/away works with Financial Aid: Visit the Study Abroad and Financial Aid page for more information. If you receive Financial Aid, use the guide the Financial Aid Office prepared for researching program options.

  • Explore the difference in currencies and exchange rates:  Familiarize yourself with the exchange rates, and cost of living.