Study Abroad & Exchange

Incoming: Basics

We are delighted that you are interested in spending your NSE with us at California State University, Chico (CSU, Chico). Here are some essential details that you will need as you plan your trek to this truly wonderful place.

Application Procedure

Following your nomination and placement with us here at CSU, Chico, you will receive an email from the NSE Coordinator congratulating you on your placement and informing you of the next steps.  We will require a few documents (Placement Acceptance Form - PAF, Statement of Purpose, Proof of Insurance, etc.) to be submitted to us through our online TREK account.
Program fees: $60 programming fee must accompany your application. A money order or personal check payable to CHICO/NSE will be acceptable.
In order for CSU, Chico to process your application and enroll you in courses, we must receive the information by the dates associated with your time here at CSU, Chico.
Fall & AY: March 28th
Spring: August 1st 

Portal Account at CSU, Chico

As soon as your application is processed, you will receive an email with your Wildcat Identification number and instructions on how to set up your portal which will be necessary for you in order to register during Priority Registration.

Incoming NSE Course Registration 

Once you are admitted, you will be assigned a student ID number to enable you to set up your portal account, which is required in order to register.

Course transfer

You (incoming student) are responsible to consult with your academic advisor at your school to make sure the courses you take at Chico are approved to be transferred to your institution. CSU, Chico cannot approve courses on behalf of your school. Please complete this prior to your  register and come on the exchange.


You will find that some Chico courses have pre-requisites. Take the time to determine if you have fulfilled the particular pre-requisite. We will need evidence, a copy of your transcript, showing what course satisfies the pre-requisite. Please provide that evidence right away.

Fall Semester Priority Registration: Mid-April
Fall Semester Open Add/Drop Period:
 First 2 Weeks of semester
Spring Semester Priority Registration: Mid-October
Spring Semester Open Add/Drop Period: First 2 Weeks of semester

University Housing

University Housing (UH), reserves limited spaces for National Student Exchange participants and are filled on a first-come. As soon as your Portal Account is set, you may submit a University Housing application which you can find on the CSU, Chico Housing Website.  Most of our incoming NSE Students are housed within University Village (UV).
If you would like to know more about campus housing, please direct your questions to UH by calling 530-898-6325. Please identify yourself as a National Student Exchange participant and request to speak to Ms. Tami Henriksen. You can also email Tami at
NSE Contact

Coordinator: Kenya Chavez,(opens in new window)
Telephone: +1-530-898-5415
Student Service Center 440