Study Abroad & Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still study abroad?

At this time, many programs are scheduled to run. Don't hesitate to contact us via email ( in new window)) or phone call (530-898-5415) if you have any additional questions or would like more information. 

Will you still be offering Information Sessions?

Yes, and please note information sessions are virtual.      

Tuesdays from 2–3 p.m.
Thursdays  from 12–1 p.m.
Fridays  from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.  
Meeting ID: 843 1274 1597     
Passcode: explore          

Click on "Zoom" to attend a session.

**Offered virtually every week except for holidays, dead week, and finals 

Will you still be advising students?

Yes! Our advisors (Kenya Chavez and Eve Hernandez) have established an online calendar that will allow for students to sign-up for one-on-one advising via Zoom. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad & Exchange Advisor and have already attended a Study Abroad & Exchange 101 Info Session, login to the Appointment Scheduler(opens in new window) to set up an appointment.

Can I still attend an Application Workshop?

Yes! We are still holding virtual application workshops for AIFS, Direct Exchange, CSUIP, NSE & USAC programs via Zoom.

*Email to learn about dates and times, and to schedule your workshop.

Can I still meet with a Peer Advisor?

Our Peer Advisors are excited to meet you! Please see their contact information on the page provided to meet in-person or via Zoom. You can also email them directly to ask questions.

What precautions should I take in case my program is canceled?

At this time, we recommend that students intending to study abroad register at CSU, Chico as a backup precaution.  This way, if your program were to be canceled prior to your departure, you will have course options here at CSU, Chico.

What is the first step to studying abroad?

Refer to our Getting Started page for details.

  1. Attend a Virtual Study Abroad 101 Session
  2. Get a passport / assure your passport is valid
  3. Meet with the experts (e.g. Peer Advisors) to explore resources and your options
  4. Meet with an Advisor (virtual appointments)
  5. Go to an Application Workshop        

Where can I study with my major?

Almost anywhere! Students can study abroad and do coursework not only in their major of study, but also for their minor, and general education pathways. To find out more about the options for your major, visit the What Can I Study page or use our Study Abroad Crosshatch.

I need to graduate in four years, can I still study abroad?

Absolutely! The majority of past study abroad participants have reported that they still went on to graduate on time. Students can take classes abroad which fulfill requirements for their major, minor, and general education pathways. You can go abroad and still complete requirements in order to graduate in a timely manner!

Will my credits transfer?

Yes, they will! Every unit you earn abroad will be reflected onto your CSU, Chico transcript. Before you leave for your time abroad, be sure to meet with your major, minor, GE and/or pathway advisors.  You will be able to discuss which classes will count toward specific graduation requirements so that your courses will transfer back accordingly.  Just make sure to get your program courses approved* before you go abroad!

What are the minimum requirements to study abroad? 

This varies by program. Some programs have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and others are 2.75 or 3.0 and higher for the minimum requirement. In addition, most programs require at least sophomore or Junior standing or higher. If you are unsure of your GPA or have questions in regards to the requirements, be sure to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor.

Can I study abroad with a GPA lower than what is required?  

The flexibility of the GPA requirement varies by program. We have a “special circumstances” appeal packet for students with a GPA lower than the requirement for the program. The final decision, however, is at the discretion of the program or host university abroad. Students should make an appointment to chat with a Study Abroad Advisor to discuss his or her specific situation.

I don’t speak another language, can I still go abroad?

We offer many programs which are located in English-speaking countries or at English-speaking Universities all over the world. In addition to these options, many of our programs in non-English speaking countries offer intensive foreign language courses on the IP(opens in new window) or USAC(opens in new window) programs. 

How much does it cost to go abroad? 

Fees vary by program and location of study. For USAC programs, the fees and estimates for cost of living are listed after each location description in the USAC catalog or on the USAC website(opens in new window). For Direct Exchange and IP programs, students pay the same tuition fees as CSU, Chico and the cost of living for those programs will vary by location of study. The Study Abroad Office has created the Study Abroad on the Cheap flyer* to highlight the least expensive programs available to students. There are some programs where students will spend roughly the same amount OR LESS than they would have spent at CSU, Chico.

Are there scholarships available?

There are many scholarships available to students who study abroad. We recommend starting to research scholarships early. In addition to the resources on our scholarship* page, never be afraid to conduct a simple Google search on study abroad scholarships!

I am graduating in May/December; Can I study abroad the following semester?  

You can study abroad through our USAC program independently after graduation, or you can even declare a double major or minor in order to take additional classes abroad. Visit the Graduating Seniors* page for more information. You should speak with a Study Abroad Advisor to talk about the details of your specific situation.

How do I make an appointment to speak with someone? 

You must first attend a Study Abroad Information Session prior to scheduling a one-on-one advising session with a Study Abroad Advisor. After you have attended an information session, set up an appointment with an Advisor using the Appointment Scheduler(opens in new window)

Students are always welcome to visit our office without a scheduled appointment to pick up brochures, ask general questions and conduct research.  Our office is always open when the University is open.

Where can I go to take classes for my GE pathway?

Almost anywhere! The International Studies GE Pathway(opens in new window) is actually structured for students who want to study abroad. Students who choose the International Studies Pathway can substitute up to 18 units of coursework taken abroad toward their GE Pathway, and that doesn't even count your major or minor coursework! For more information on this, please make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor or the International Studies Pathway Coordinator.

Who do I talk to, to get my classes abroad signed off? 

To get classes to count toward your major, minor or general education pathway, you should first meet with a Study Abroad Advisor who will advise you on the right programs for your academic goals and personal preferences. You will then work with your major, minor or pathway advisor to make sure the courses you take abroad will be substituted toward your requirements here at CSU, Chico. You should do your homework before meeting with any advisor, and research potential classes which will be offered at your host institution.

I applied to USAC or AIFS online…now what?

After you apply online and pay your application fee to USAC or AIFS, they will send an email to the CSU, Chico Program Advisor to request campus approval. This approval is only given to students who meet official program requirements and have attended a “USAC" or "AIFS" Application Workshop. Only then will you receive home university approval from the CSU, Chico Program Advisor. Further instructions will be provided on how to move forward with your TREK account and how to submit your pre-departure documents.

USAC applicants: If you are applying to a Partnership program (Australia, England, Israel, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden & Turkey), you will need to order official transcripts from the Records and Registration Office (online or SSC 110) to be sent to USAC. All other programs will accept an unofficial transcript from our office (automatically sent to the USAC Central Office by the Chico USAC Program Advisor as a part of the process).

Once you are approved by USAC/AIFS and our office, USAC/AIFS will send you a “welcome package”/acceptance email with further instructions.   

How many classes can I take abroad? 

Students must maintain full-time enrollment while abroad (the equivalent of 12-15 units for undergraduates at CSU, Chico, depending upon the program). This is necessary for financial aid, student visa requirements and insurance purposes. Students can take between 12-18 units while studying abroad. 
IMPORTANT-- Please note, countries do not always have a one-to-one unit conversion. Your Study Abroad Advisor will assist you in determining course unit conversions for your specific program. 

Can I take online CSU, Chico classes while I'm abroad?

Students are not allowed to take online Chico State classes while they are enrolled in classes abroad. This is because they are placed in the “study abroad placeholder units” during their time abroad which does not allow for students to enroll in addition course units. There may be exceptions made for Direct Exchange* students in special circumstances.

Attention Graduate Students:  On all programs except for IP, your minimum full-time unit requirement will be the equivalent of nine units.  IP requires that you enroll in 15 units per semester.  

What is ________ country like?

To find out what a specific country, culture or location is like, you should meet with one of our country-specific peer advisors who have studied abroad in those locations. If they cannot answer your specific questions about a particular city, they can give you the contact information of study abroad alumni for any of our programs.

Where can I find a major/minor course substitution form or GE pathway substitution form?

The course substitution and GE pathway forms are available on the academic forms* section of our website.

Where do I turn in my forms?

You will be turning the forms into the organization which gave them to you. For instance, if the forms were given to you by your CSU, Chico Study Abroad Advisor in an application workshop, you should turn them into the CSU, Chico Study Abroad Office.  If the forms were mailed to you by USAC(opens in new window) or IP(opens in new window), you should read the forms carefully and submit them to the organization that is listed.

Do I need to enroll in Chico classes while I am abroad?

You DO NOT enroll in Chico State classes during the term(s) you are studying abroad, the Chico State Study Abroad Office will enroll you in “placeholder units” for the term(s) you are abroad so all campus officials at Chico State know you are studying abroad through one of our programs. 

I studied abroad last semester and my grades have not been posted yet….

Depending on the program and location where you studied abroad, transcripts can take several months to arrive and be processed from overseas. We will email you when your official transcripts have arrived and have been sent down to the Records and Registration Office. The Grad Advising Office will then post your grades onto your CSU, Chico Portal. We ask that students are patient during the process as it can often take a month or two once grades are received to be posted.