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Course Substitution Forms

GE Pathway Approved Course Substitution Forms 

AIFS Programs

AIFS stands for American Institute For Foreign Studies.  There are two types of AIFS Programs, Language & Culture Programs and Direct Immersion. Language & Culture Programs are AIFS created programs, where all courses are designed by AIFS to match the US credit systems. Direct Immersion Programs are where a student is enrolled in courses offered by the host university they are attending. 

If you did not see your program listed above, then it is a Direct Immersion program, and you should use the following form to get courses taken abroad authorized as substitutions for your Upper Division or Lower Division GE Area requirements:

Course Substitution Form (PDF)

Students on Partnership programs should use pay close attention to the grading conversions (what is upper-division, what is lower, how units are transferred, etc.) when working with academic advisors. When searching for courses, please refer to your Host Universities website which is located on the AIFS website. Seek assistance from a Study Abroad Peer Advisor or Alumni if you are experiencing difficulty locating course descriptions.

Grades & Transcripts

The AIFS central office will send your transcripts to the Chico Study Abroad & Exchange Office. While most transcripts will arrive approximately one month after your return to the U.S. it may take up to a full semester before your transcript arrives from the host university. Once your transcript arrives, we immediately upload a scanned copy to your TREK account where you will be automatically notified. We then send it to Records, who will post it a few months later. Sometimes there is a backlog at Records and your transcript will be posted quite late. Please do not be alarmed if your transcript doesn't get posted immediately.

Refer all questions regarding transcripts to our office:

Please,  DO NOT contact Records with a question regarding transcripts, as there is only one person who posts all International transcripts, and all others who work in that office are not familiar with the process.

This will NOT be a problem for financial aid or spring registration. All holds should be postponed automatically. If you find that you have a hold on your FA pending transcripts from abroad, please contact Casey Dinsmore at Financial Aid:

If you plan to graduate soon and need your transcripts expedited, please e-mail the Study Abroad Office alerting us to your situation:

Extending Your Program

1. Inform your Resident Director at your overseas center that you plan to extend.

2. Contact the AIFS Central Office to find out what additional paperwork you will need to submit.

3. Submit the Intent to Extend (PDF) and an updated Financial Planning (PDF) form to the Study Abroad Office:

  • Please scan and send the completed documents to your Study Abroad Advisor, Katie Daywalker:

4. To ensure that you are able to complete courses during your second term abroad for your degree program at CSU, Chico, please see the Getting Courses Authorized Abroad(opens in new window) section of this site for more information.

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