Study Abroad & Exchange

Choosing a Program

When trying to find a non-affiliated study abroad program, there is an abundance of resources online for you. The Study Abroad & Exchange office can also provide you with some information. 

Some sites online that may be helpful:

As you narrow your choices, be sure to always request additional information and alumni contacts from each program.

Also, remember that the program you choose must issue an "official transcript", in English, from an accredited degree-granting college or university (foreign or domestic), if you'd like for those credits to transfer back to Chico State.

Important Considerations Before Choosing a Program:

1) Does another CSU offer a program in that location?

This is the easiest way to ensure that the program you choose is high quality, and to use your financial aid package to help pay for the program. All you need to do is fill out a visitor status form, and essentially “transfer” to another CSU for the semester or year you plan to study abroad. Inquire how this works with a Study Abroad Advisor at Chico State. To find out what programs are available at other CSU’s, you will need to visit each individual campus’ study abroad website.

2) Is the host university and/or American university running the program accredited? Who will post the transcripts?

Your academic advisors and evaluators won’t accept credit for another university’s program unless it’s ACCREDITED. Make sure you ask the program provider if the transcript will come from an accredited university.

3) Do you need to use your Chico State financial aid package to help fund this experience?

You can only use your Chico State financial aid on Chico State programs. Some programs will process your financial aid package for you. Ask the program provider about this.

If you go on another CSU’s program (see above), you may take your Chico State financial aid package with you. Make sure to ask and get confirmation.

4) Ask yourself, how do you feel about not having an on-campus adviser helping you with all of your pre-departure needs?

The Study Abroad & Exchange team at Chico State may not be well-informed about other universities’ programs, and may not be able to assist you much past the basic checklist (PDF). If you are looking for a lot of pre-departure support, this is something important to take into consideration.

5) MOST IMPORTANT: Ask the program provider to connect you with past participants!

How else will you know if this is a good program? Ask past participants about support services, courses, housing, excursions, and more.