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International Wildcat Program

Every international student is invited to participate in the International Wildcat Program at CSU, Chico.

What is the International Wildcat Program?

This program was developed to help international degree and non-degree seeking students quickly meet fellow international and American students. This program allows our international students to seamlessly transition into life in the states and make a new circle of friends immediately upon arrival. 

The International Education and Global Engagement team will assign an international student to an American student who will serve as a "mentor." This is a student who recently studied abroad in a foreign country, and is someone who is genuinely interested in learning more about your culture, while also serving as your personal “guide” to Chico college life.

The International Wildcat Program is about friendship and support. These are people who are volunteering their time to serve as a window into American college life. We will have several events throughout the semester, which are fun and give you a chance to meet a big group of Americans and international students. There is no obligation to attend all or any of these events (but we hope you will). 

Participation in the program is free, and most events involve no fee to participate.  Every effort is made to keep events either free or very affordable to students.

American Mentors are there to provide the following type of support:

  • Communicate with you via e-mail and Facebook prior to your arrival, answering your questions and providing general support
  • Pick you up from the airport or bus station (when logistically possible)
  • Help you get settled into your new apartment by taking you shopping for groceries and other necessary items
  • Show you around campus, help you get your books and campus ID, and more
  • Tell you about the coolest places to hang out in Chico, the best professors, and more
  • Introduce you to their friends in Chico, and in some cases, their families (networking!)
  • Serve as an emergency contact, specifically during evenings or on the weekends when our office is closed.

Examples of International Wildcat Program Events Include

  • Welcome pizza party
  • Farmer’s market
  • Sporting events
  • Movie nights
  • Game nights
  • Bowling night
  • Halloween pumpkin carving
  • Bidwell Park BBQ (swimming/sports)
  • Karaoke and Sushi making
  • Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour
  • International Potluck
  • American "Prom Night"
  • Excursions to nearby areas of interest (e.g. day hikes)

How Do I sign up?

All international students are automatically invited to participate when they apply to CSU, Chico.

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