Study Abroad & Exchange

What Can I Study?

There are many resources to help you choose a program which fits your academic and life goals abroad.

  • You can use our Major/Minor Crosshatch (PDF) to quickly see which majors are offered for each program and where.
  • Students on a tight budget may use Study Abroad on the Cheap for a list of affordable options.
  • Majors with an "area of concentration" (e.g. Liberal Studies and International Relations) or a foreign language component (e.g. Latin American Studies and Asian Studies) are very well suited to study abroad.
  • Students whose majors are not compatible with their preferred study abroad location may consider declaring an additional major or minor in a field that works easily with Study Abroad. Students can also work on their upper and lower division Pathway requirements or GE courses while abroad.

Our Study Abroad advisors would be delighted to help you explore your options. Make an appointment with an advisor today by calling our office: 530-898-5415.